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The Shard and London

The London Shard with views from the top, along with a few views around the city.

With the Shard now the tallest building in the European Union at over 1000ft (306m) with 87 floors it houses a viewing gallery, restaurants, offices and a hotel.  It takes its name from the suggestion of a shard of glass since its exterior is finished completely in glass.  The views are fabulous from both the indoor and outdoor viewing decks.

Photographs taken from a couple of free evenings on a recent visit to London.  Testing out the Fujifim XT-1 camera with various lenses.  The files are excellent.  The only issue was that the views from the top of The Shard all have to be taken through glass and it is virtually impossible to avoid reflections or dirt on the glass.  A real pity they did not put small gaps in the glass like they did for the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Written by dave

Photographer based in Manchester UK. Primarily photographing weddings and portraits across the UK and Europe.

May 17, 2014