Wedding Investment

Wedding photography has a wide choice of styles and budgets, often a challenge for couples.  We all understand value when it comes to food from take away burgers to fine dining steaks.  At David Close Photography we focus on couples who are discerning about their photography and value quality.  Our wedding photography prices are designed to offer quality at a fair price.  We want to deliver photographs that have a fashion feel and attract brides and grooms who aspire to the look and style regularly featured in leading fashion magazines. 

Of course the family pictures are immensely important and we like to make space in the day to create arrangements that break away from the regimental line ups.  

We have a range of collections and products to suit the smaller celebrations and larger family and friends gatherings. All our collections include a beautiful wedding book, as we believe that the photographers job does not finish at the camera.  

A professionally printed volume of images selected, to tell the story and the future value to show children and grandchildren, should not be underestimated.  We only have to consider the memories that these records have in our own lives of our relatives who are no longer with us.

While we are happy to offer files, the printed version is the only sure lasting imprint that we can be certain of accessing.  Just consider the storage that is already obsolete - floppy discs, optical discs, etc. that already shows that todays methods will not be with us for many years.  Not only that , but we will not have the devices to read them.

Whether you are planning a Manchester Wedding or elsewhere in the UK or Europe:

Contact us at for our price guide which begins at an investment of £2000 and for availability.