A few pictures from a recent visit to Clitheroe Castle in the Ribble Valley Lancashire.

For those interested in photography this first picture is straight out of camera, but exposed for the sky. 1/500th, f16, ISO 400, shot hand held with the Fuji XT-1 and the 18mm lens.  No filters were used.  The second is after post production in Photoshop to reveal the details in the shadow, then enhanced along with a couple of dust spots removed in the sky.

Clitheroe-001 unedited Clitheroe-001 edited
Clitheroe-003 Clitheroe-004 Clitheroe-005 Clitheroe-009 Clitheroe-010 Clitheroe-017

Another before and after shot exposing for the sky and then edited in Photoshop.

Clitheroe-018 (1)

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